The Book

These kind of opportunities are rare. Opportunities that can result into owning over a million in such a small amount of time. And best of all, the stock market crash needed for this is likely to occur in the near future.

All the information you need to take advantage of this event will be provided by this book. That includes option theory, when to buy options, and which options to buy.

No other book can better help you benefit from the next stock market crash. Paul van Gompel will show you how it has been done by traders in the past.

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“Paul, my gosh, focusing on the bear is a powerful method. Using options and etf’s, my account is up ~$70,000 over the past 3 weeks. Have stepped aside for a breather. The volatility is spectacular!! Thank you you again for writing the book and getting folks to see what is possible!”

Rob Williams, Project Manager