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Writer: Paul van Gompel (author of From 1K to 1 Million!)

Paul van Gompel

You often hear 90% of all individual investors lose money in the stock market. I totally agree with that. I have spent years to investigate trading and trading imbalances… I worked for an option market making company and a day-to-day hedge fund . At the option market making company I learned exactly how options are priced and how these prices get adjusted every single day. These market making companies use pricing models. The problem with these models is that they are never 100% right. In fact I found a loophole in the pricing model used by ALL market making companies. At the hedge fund I learned all different styles of trading without hedging. Combining the usage of misspriced options and trading without a hedge led me to prove a strategy I heard about in mid 2009..

From 1k to 1 Million: The Ideal Strategy!

from-1k-to-1-millionIt was June 2009, when I heard about a guy who made more than a €1,000,000 in the 2008-2009 stock market crash by using only €1,000. Of course it grabbed my attention and I quickly got in contact with the guy.  He told me he did the exact same thing 5 times in previous crashes. It was kind of hard to believe, but then I saw his new Porsche 911 Turbo and photos of his new Miami Vice style boat. Skeptically as I am I still wanted proof for it. That’s why I learned all about trading at an option market making company and a day-to-day hedge fund where I found out the strategy to be possible. After my discovery I wrote about the strategy in the book “From 1k to 1 Million”. After releasing the book many readers asked me if I could help them execute the strategy. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible, because of legal issues. It is legal, however, to send e-mails consulting on which trade will give maximum benefit relating to a certain stock market crash. To allow my strategy to be used to its full potential, I started thissignal service. This led me to building this website. I wanted to show how easy it could be, to make a million in a stock market crash.


The image above shows the S&P 500. As you can see it crashes onceevery 4-6 year and the last crash ended in March 2009, so it’s more than 6 years ago since last crash…

Why does the Strategy work?

black-swanYou may know the book “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In this book he explains that some situations occure more often than you would expect following the Gaussian distribution model. In the financial world the exact same thing is true. The best example from such a situation is in the financial world is a stock market crash. According to the Gaussian model stock market crashes should occure less than in the real world actually occur. This is the edge of the From 1k to 1 Million Strategy.

Why don’t you execute the Strategy yourself?

You may think.. If the strategy works, why wouldn’t you execute the strategy yourself? In fact I’m going to execute the strategy myself with my own money. But since I only know the strategy since mid 2009, I wasn’t able to execute the strategy, because no stock market crash in the U.S. or European markets has occured since mid 2009 (excluding small stock markets as Greece or Cyprus). Following the 4-6 year stock market crash rule, we’re in a possible stock market crash window right now!

So how does the Strategy work?

from-1k-to-1-millionThe strategy involves buying put options. Since I used to be an option trader and market maker I know every single aspect about them. A giant advantage of buying put options is that you can work with a tremendous amount of leverage with limited risk. The maximum you can lose by buying puts is the value of your put options. The strategy gets you from 1k to 1 million by doubling the initial investment of 1k 10 times. A large move in the stock market is needed for this. In a stock market crash this is possible however if you use the right put option. The problem is that there are thousands of put option choices. In the signals I give, I reveal which put option to buy on which time. expected-return

We check the Stock Markets 24/7, so you can do whatever you like!

You don’t have time to check the stock market every minute? No problem, because we have a Stock Market Crash Monitoring Service included, which keeps track of the financial markets for you. You just sit back and relax while we do all the work. We send you the trading signals to get from 1k to 1 million, so the only thing you have to do, is the trades!

“Now is the time!”

Nu is de tijd!This really is the time to start with the “From 1k to 1 Million” Strategy. European and U.S. stock markets didn’t crash in over 4 years. Following the 4-6 years crash rule this meanswe’re in a potential crash window at this very moment. In this stock market crash investment banks like Goldman Sachs will no longer dominate at trading, but my strategy will. In the stock market crash our strategy will totally dominate. Trading in a stock market crash is a specialty, which is largely unknown by investment banks. If you’re trading as a company or an individual, it doesn’t matter. Now it’s really time to win!

Which advantages does my Stock Market Crash Service offer you?

I shall give a few examples of advantages of my Stock Market Crash Signal Service. These are all included in the service. They are developed with all my experience and knowledge, which I got by spending every single day on it for the last 5 years:

  • You get signals by e-mail which will tell when you need to buy put options and which put options exactly. These signals will bebased on the tested From 1k to 1 Million Strategy.
  • We will send you a montly exclusive update on important market developments which will influence the direction of European and U.S. stock markets.
  • We keep track of the stock markets 24/7 so you don’t need to check the stock market every day.
  • If you’re a company or an individual doesn’t make a difference. We provide this service to both kind of these investors.
  • No difficult technical knowledge needed which is only known by experienced option traders.
  • This strategy is applicable on all main stock markets. We provide signals for the S&P 500.
  • This is a manner to make money in trading without the boring, technical or time consuming aspects.

So how much do you think Stock Market Crash Signals Service is worth?

You would probably say around a million dollar since that’s the return the strategy is aiming on. But that’s not the price I’m asking for this service. The fact is, is that it’s a monthly service so also a monthly subscription rate. So what would be a fair rate? $2000 per month? That’s not even close to what I’m asking for my service! The price for the service will be only $99.99 per month.

Check out these reviews by current users!

“I was able to liquidate the puts near the bottom of the 3% trading envelope, booked my first $100,000 day ever in my life…..What a feeling !!! Thank you again for showing me the power of options!!”

“Paul, my gosh, focusing on the bear is a powerful method. Using options, my account is up ~$70,000 over the past 3 weeks. Have stepped aside for a breather. The volatility is spectacular!! Thank you you again for getting folks to see what is possible!”

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